Horse Training and Horse Breeding At
Jack D's Quarter Horse Ranch
in Mead, Washington

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Horse Training


Due to serious back injury,
we are unable to do any training at this time

Training facilities for our ranch are located in Shepherd, Montana. Shepherd is 25 miles northeast of down town Billings. We live on 15 acres completely fenced so that horses cannot get out and get lost or hurt.

Your horse will be placed in a "horse safe" stall 12 ft by 24 ft in size. It will be fed twice daily with quality alfalfa and grain and/or supplements at your request. Your horse will be trained in a 40 foot quality round pen located inside a fenced pasture for safety.

We use safe, conventional, training methods so that neither the horse nor the trainer gets hurt. We do not "cowboy" horses or beat or hurt them in any way. Our training methods are those similar to John Lyons. We take great pride in being patient and firm. We want your horse to have the best experience possible and the best training possible .

Our Training Methods

Our prices are:

  1. Breakout with 30 days-$550
  2. 30 days on a broke horse-$400
  3. 30 days of roping or barrel-$800
  4. 30 days of yearling training-$350

All prices include feed, labor, and the cleaning of stalls.

NOTE: Grain and supplements are not included in the pricing.

To set up an appointment for training your horse, please email us at:



Aaron Weilert

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